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John Moeggenberg - Third Grade



 Education & Background: Attended Aquinas College in Grand Rapids majoring in Integrated Science. Taught 6th grade for two years in Arizona.  Taught 3rd grade in West Branch.

 Why teach? I chose education because I love to learn new things. I like to share my contagious love of learning with students. I deeply enjoy being a part of their lives while teaching them social/life lessons while teaching the milestones at their grade level. I enjoy that I can continue to make my lessons richer and more relevant as I continue my career. 

 What are you excited about in the school year ahead at OMPS? I am most excited to be a part of the community of the students that I'm teaching this year. I want to be a part of the community because I'm in the city that I want to settle/”put roots down". I'm attracted to the natural resources that are a part of the Traverse City culture. The history of Northern Michigan is endlessly rich and I'm excited to learn more about it in order to pass that heritage to the students. This will cause the students to be more proud of the place they live and feel the importance of preserving it. 

 Interests/hobbies: My interests vary from time to time. I am currently enjoying rock polishing, home improvement, and gardening. Though my passions that I can always fall back to are lacrosse, most organized sports, and reading on the beach.  

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