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        Admission and Enrollment Policy, 278kb pdf

        The governing authority of each community school and any operator of such school shall distribute to parents of the school upon their enrollment in the school the following statement in writing:

        Old Mission Peninsula School is a community school opening in the fall of 2019 under the revised school code of Michigan. The school is a public school and students enrolled in and attending the school are required to take proficiency tests and other examinations prescribed by law. In addition, there may be other requirements for students at the school that are prescribed by law. Students who have been excused from the compulsory attendance law for the purpose of home education as defined by the Administrative Code shall no longer be excused for that purpose upon their enrollment in a community school. For more information about this matter contact the school administration at info@ompschool.org, 231-492-0327, or the Michigan Department of Education.

        Is there tuition for OMPS?

        We are a tuition-free, public charter school and receive per pupil funding from the State of Michigan, just as every other public school does.

        Who can enroll in OMPS?

        As a public school, requirements for admission are similar to any other public school. Enrollment is open to Michigan students in grades K-6. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1st.

        How does enrollment work and when does enrollment take place?

        You must enroll your child(ren) in the new school. Students will not automatically transfer from the current school to the “new” Old Mission Peninsula School. Enrollment is underway and applications (required for each individual student) are available in the following locations in both English and Spanish formats:

        Please view the complete OMPS Admission and Enrollment Policy and Procedures by clicking here.

        Class sizes are limited, which sometimes means students may be wait-listed if there are more applicants than spots available.

        Old Mission Peninsula School

        2699 Island View Rd
        Traverse City, MI   49686

        Hours: 8:15 to 3:15

        Phone: 231.252.0225

        Mailing Address

        2699 Island View Drive
        Traverse City, MI 49686