Board Information

School Board Meetings are open for the public to attend. The 2020-2021 Board Meeting Annual Calendar can be found HERE.

The next Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for January 15, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. When available, the agenda will be posted HERE.

When available, the meeting packet will be posted HERE.

The meeting will be held via Zoom at:


Meeting ID: 996 5937 0772
Passcode: 3SherD


In compliance with the approved OMPS COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan within which visitors are not permitted in the school to protect the health and safety of students and staff, OMPS School Board meetings will be held remotely until further notice.

The OMPS School Board encourages remote participation. The meeting will be made available to the public through the a Zoom link posted on this page.

Anyone wishing to make public comment can provide written comment prior to the meeting via email to: s.shipman@ompschool.org, or if during the meeting should use the “raise hand” feature in Zoom. During the public comment period, members of the public will be unmuted one at a time to speak. 

Persons with disabilities which the foregoing opportunities for participation will not address should contact Susie Shipman at (231) 903-9250 or s.shipman@ompschool.org.org at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

Board of Trustees

Amanda Igra, Director, President

Currently the Music Director at the Children's House School. Amanda also maintains a private music studio in downtown Traverse City. Originally from Southwest Michigan.

Rebecca Seah, Director, Vice President

Currently is a Seamstress, stay at home mother, and parent volunteer at Old Mission Peninsula School.  Moved from Vermont to Traverse City in 2013.  Originally from Holland, Michigan. 

Susan Shipman, Director, Secretary and Treasurer

Currently the Conservation Director for the Trust for Virgin Islands Lands. She is also a member of the Peninsula Township Planning Commission. Susan was born in British Columbia, Canada and came to Michigan through marriage to an alum of the Old Mission Peninsula School. 

Jennifer Coleman, Director

Currently serving as the Executive Director for Grand Traverse Radiologists, PC, and is the President, Michigan Chapter of the Radiology Business Management Association. Jennifer is an alum of the Old Mission Peninsula School. 

Michael Smiley, Director

Currently is employed by Hagerty as a Vice President and Assistant General Counsel. Moved to Traverse City from Kansas in 2016.

Mike Jager, Director

Currently the Business Development Leader at the Larkin Group in Traverse City. He is a Rotary Club member, Ambassador for the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce, and President of the Bay Area Insurance Agents Association. Originally from Grand Ledge, MI and moved to Traverse City 11 years ago. 

Geoff Streit, Director


If you are interested in becoming a School Board Member for Old Mission Peninsula School, please fill out THIS FORM and send it to schoolboard@ompschool.org.  We are always accepting applications, even when there are no openings available.

Academy board members are public officials appointed by the GVSU Board of Trustees. If approved to serve on an Academy Board, your role is to set policy, maintain the school's vision and/or mission, promote educational excellence through advocacy, visionary leadership, and high quality services to OMPS as well as to ensure that the school complies with its charter and applicable law.

To become a charter public school board member, a candidate must:

  1. Be nominated by a charter school board
  2. Complete an application for board service 
  3. Successfully pass a background check
  4. Interview with a representative of the GVSU Charter School Office 
  5. Be approved by the Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees
  6. Take the public oath of office.


From the National Charter Schools Institute

1. ENSURE all students are being prepared for success in college, work and life.
2. ENSURE the public’s money and resources are well stewarded.
3. ENSURE the school is run by a great leader and infused with a positive culture and learning environment.
4. ENSURE the terms of the charter contract are fulfilled and the organization is prepared for renewal.
5. ENSURE the school is true to its mission, vision and values.
6. ENSURE goals are clear and people and programs are wisely empowered, supported, evaluated and held accountable.
7. ENSURE the school operates legally and ethically.
8. ENSURE the school continuously improves and stays viable.
9. ENSURE the board recruits, orients and develops its members and its capacity to govern.
10. ENSURE the board adopts and properly maintains its governing policies.
11. ENSURE the board speaks with one voice.
12. ENSURE the board and its members are positive ambassadors for your school and the charter idea!

Board Meeting Minutes

Old Mission Peninsula School

2699 Island View Rd
Traverse City, MI   49686

Hours: 8:15 to 3:15

Phone: 231.252.0225

Mailing Address
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